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Your Kitchen Is Watching You


WRAP is a government-funded charity dedicated to helping people reduce waste. Create a short film which wakes people up to the issue of food waste.



64% of people say that throwing away food bothers them, but this number jumps to nearly 80% if those people were being watched by friends or family.


We know our audience are less likely to waste food if someone is watching them. So what if their kitchen was watching them? Using animated googly eyes, we made characters out of kitchen appliances who, with comments and rolling eyes, created a sense of judgement around throwing food away.



We created GIFs from the footage, so our audience can continue the conversation and playfully call out their friends on WhatsApp and Instagram.


Creative: Eveline Johnson, Briony Chappell

Creative Director: Alex Williamson

Director: Chris Marley

Strategy: Jack Stanley, Anna Turner

Producers: Emma Tills, Mariana Caldeira

Account Director: Samantha Hagans

Account Manager: Sophie Novak

Animation: Cal Travis

Talent: Rob Eades (The Lean Student Chef), Kathryn Drysdale, Naz Osmanoglu

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