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Think Outside The Box


Your first time trying tampons is well scary. I was briefed to tackle the fear and misinformation head on, reassuring people new to tampons that they can fit comfortably in their lives.



I surveyed the Tyla audience (part of LADbible Group) and found a massive 59% struggled to get their head around using tampons the first time they opened a box – despite the enclosed instructions. 39% admitted to not even reading the instructions at all. And of those that did, only 3% found them reassuring.


Which got me thinking – tampon instructions were more like a flat pack furniture manual than a friendly, informative guide. What if they weren’t written by medical copywriters, but by people our audience could actually relate to?

I was asked to deliver a small branded content campaign and flipped it into fundamentally evolving a P&G product – transforming Tampax instructions from science textbook into more a helpful comic strip that young people would actually want to read.


We created video content mapping their creation, with the relatable Scarlett Moffatt as the face of our campaign and illustrator Asa Ariyoshi bringing the new instructions to life.


Social, product


Listed here.

Case film:

Episode 1 - the research behind the new instructions:

Tampax loved our influencer choice of Scarlett Moffatt so much that they made her their brand ambassador across all future campaigns.

Episode 2 - the making of the new instructions:

Episode 3 - the reveal:


The new instructions were put into the hands of our audience via Instagram, the Tampax website and limited edition hard copies. Tampax are even planning to implement QR codes on future product that link to our instructions!

Our audience loved it...

Screenshot 2021-07-02 at 16.40.40.png

An all-female crew directed by me!

Creative: Eveline Johnson

Director: Eveline Johnson

Creative Director: Ollie Williams

Strategy: Eveline Johnson

Creative Producer: Charlotte Morrin

Producers: Emily Duffield, Joanna Gutscher

Group Head: Hannah Kendall

Account Director: Laura Meares

Account Manager: Helen McManamon

DOP: Tansy Simpson

1st AD: Elle Lotherington

Runner: Rosie Percival

Talent: Scarlett Moffatt, Asa Ariyoshi, Dr Brooke Vandermolen

Edit, Design & Animation: Benedicte Berg, Patrick D'Arcy, Roberto Sommella, Lexi Lewis, Nikki Chadwick, Mischa Murray-King

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