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Keep Doing You


For We Are Social's first campaign with Starbucks since winning the business, we were asked to launch their new year drinks with a bang (and with a focus on Gen-Z). 



Takeaway coffee is intrinsically linked with hustle culture. Picture someone darting across a city street on their way to a meeting, checking their watch on one hand and coffee cup in the other.


But Gen-Z is the most burnt out generation, with the TikTok hashtag #quietquitting gaining hundreds of millions of views.


The new year is a whole Pinterest board of inspirational quotes and messaging to be our BEST. HEALTHIEST. MOST PRODUCTIVE. selves. It's a lot of pressure. 

Forget new year, new you. How about new year, you do you. This January, we're not going to tell our audience to get back to the grind. Instead, we’re going to be the most inspirational brand by inspiring exactly… nothing. Nothing but celebrating the small wins and everyday moments that happen outside of the 9-5. Whatever it is, keep doing you.


We created hundreds of assets for social, OOH, in-store, online, in-app and email. Below is a selection.

Social films (Valentine's Day, Oat Lattes, Personalisation and Hot Chocolate):


We poked fun at Pinterest-style inspirational quotes, giving them a reality check. Our down-to-earth tone, combined with swapping Starbucks' usual earthy colour palette for dreamy pastel gradients, transformed the brand's entire look-and-feel across Europe and the Middle East.


Continuing to embody our anti-hustle attitude, we delivered small moments of joy to our audience's inboxes – swapping the usual mundane emails and phone alerts for a reminder to 'Keep Doing You' instead.

Who said email marketing had to be boring!

EMEA WIN23_Valentines_LaunchEmail-02_v04.png

Creative: Eveline Johnson, Anina Grostern

Director: Rob Rafalat

Creative Director: Danielle Melia, James Hogwood

Strategy: Shivani Kulshrestha, Nick McWilliams, Harvey Cossell

Producer: Vanessa Brown

Business Director: Katie Bannon-Farquhar

Account Director: Daniella Brenner

Senior Account Manager: Laura Flesch

Account Manager: Joe Shaw

Project Management: Sheri Matthews, Katie Fewster, Mair Davies

Design: David Robinson, Robbie Hancock, Ivan Maslarov, Wil Barker, Camilla Masiero, Gui Costa, Jamie Robertson, Natalia Pyc, Tom Mackinson

EMEA WIN23_LaunchEmail-03_v03.png
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