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Young Lions Live Award
Change The Story
Cannes Lions' Young Lions Live Award is for creatives aged 18-30. This year's brief was in partnership with the UN's World Food Programme – calling for creative ideas to help people waste less food and contribute to ending world hunger. We didn't win, but had fun entering nonetheless!


Personal Project
Colour in South East London
I draw buildings in my local South East London that feature bold and colourful signage, like corner shops, takeaway restaurants and pubs. Off the back of this, people commission me to draw buildings that are important to them – like their nan's old house or the pub where they had their first date with their girlfriend.

Grand Matter
To The Girls
Artist management agency Grand Matter launched 'To the Girls', a digital sticker pack designed by artists from its roster. Aimed at young women, profits from downloads are donated to Girl Up – a UN initiative which empowers adolescent girls around the globe. I wrote and selected the phrases which were briefed to the artists and used to inspire each sticker design.

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 23.13.58.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 23.26.36 copy.

Website Copy
Womanhood is a new lingerie store stocking brands designed by women, for women. Already making waves in the industry, Womanhood champions ethical and independent brands, diversity and body positivity. I was hired to write all website copy in time for the launch.

Personal Project
Give a Hog a Home
The number of hedgehogs in the UK is declining, largely due to loss of habitat. If more of us bought or made a hedgehog home for our gardens, we could help – but let’s be honest, how likely are we to do that? This is an idea for a campaign to get people engaged in re-populating our prickly pals, targeting young people in urban areas specifically.

Overheard At Ogilvy
The Pipe were tasked with creating a film to be shown at Ogilvy's annual company-wide Christmas meeting. It had to be about our perception of Ogilvy – and it had to be funny. How do you make over 1,000 people laugh?! Using the insight that, as creative interns navigating ad-land jargon, we often didn't have a clue what people in the agency were talking about (and targeting some of Sea Container's most well-known faces), I think we pulled it off...

match webpage.jpg

Personal Project
Post, Don't Ghost
Tinder date left you feeling less than tender? Want that boy from Bumble to buzz off? As dating apps have become more popular, so has ghosting – suddenly ending contact with someone you're dating without explanation. But ghosting is for cowards. Make your feelings clear with a postcard instead. 

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