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With the rise of apps like Tinder, traditional dating sites need to stay enticing. Encourage audience to choose with a new OOH campaign.



Tinder is good for quick matches, but these often end as nothing more than a hookup, followed by a lame excuse to end things. Find something more permanent with Match.



Illustrations of incompatible characters and typical break-up excuses – but with, you can forget the excuses and find your perfect match. Cartoon illustration can engage an adult audience by making them feel playful and childish (as you do when falling in love!).


Invite users to share the worst line they've received or given to end a relationship, with the tag #NoMoreExcuses.


OOH, radio, product



Script 1

A violin plays for a few seconds, before being interrupted by the loud thrash of an electric guitar.

The two clashing instruments continue to play together. After several seconds the terrible noise stops.

Sound of violin bow clattering to the floor as the player throws it, frustrated.

Guitar player: (Sighing) We're just not right together! 

VO: No more excuses. Find your perfect match and make sweet music today at

An electric guitar and drums start playing — the perfect match. They laugh as they play. Music fades out.


Script 2

An amateur rapper raps the verse of a love song (Super Bass by Nicki Minaj). A second voice joins in and belts out the chorus in screamo style. 

The rapper tries to make it work, beatboxing and joining in with backing vocals. After several seconds she stops.

Rapper: It's not working, is it?

VO: No more excuses. Find your perfect match and make sweet music today at

A new person starts singing the chorus ("Girl, you got my heart beat running away...), his smooth R&B-style voice harmonising perfectly with the rapping. Fades out.




In time for Valentine's Day, we'll turn the ads into postcards – available for purchase or to be handed out at date hot spots like cinemas and bar toilets.


"Ghosting" has gained notoriety in the last year: ending all communication with someone you're dating without explanation, often following a bad Tinder date. Instead of ghosting, make your feelings clear with an Un-Valentine's card (and find true love next time with Match)!

Tinder date left you feeling less than tender? Want that boy from Bumble to buzz off? There’s plenty of cards to help you tell someone you love them. We're here for the words you DON'T want to say.



For the Brixton babe trekking North for Mr Central's idea of a good night out. Apparently opposites attract, but sometimes it's just not gunna work.


Material: card

Made to order

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