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Give a Hog a Home

Hedgehogs in the UK are declining. This is largely due to loss of habitat. If more of us bought or made a hedgehog home for our gardens, we could help – but let’s be honest, are we likely to do that?

Let’s get people engaged in re-populating our prickly pals. And let’s target one group specifically: young people in urban areas.

Partnering with charity Hedgehog Street, we’ll create a film which draws attention to the plight of hungry, homeless little hogs. Alongside this, we’ll introduce a hedgehog house product in the style of a London chicken shop. This is inspired by the insight that hedgehogs eat in the early hours of the morning  the same time young city-dwellers can be found sniffing out food in chicken and kebab shops.

Hedgehog house prototype

Food for hedgehog packaged in takeaway-style bag 

The film will show a hedgehog at the end of a night out, looking for munch and a place to pass out. He'll address the camera face-on, as if filmed by a SnorriCam.


The poor little guy’s surroundings will blur past him as he seeks refuge from the mean city streets. 

And speaking of The Streets… our hedgehog will be rapping about his misfortune, to the tune of Don’t Mug Yourself by The Streets.

Style reference: The Streets

Style reference: The Virtues

“Why Hog Your Food?” Lyrics

The night’s done: another total mad one,
I’m scuffling down the high street and it’s Saturday 2am.
Jokes night, it really tickled my prickles, but now it’s over
and once again it’ll soon be the light of day.
And now I’m hungry, Hank Marvin, in need of a snack.
It’s cold in the gutter, I get some hassle from a rat.
I spy two plates of chips through a window

with plenty of mayonnaise and plenty of burger sauce.
Feel my spines shiver, quills all a-quiver,
move towards the place, hoping it’ll deliver.
Sidestepping some vomit, I move into the door...
But then kebab man comes out like, “Oi oi oi oi


Leave it out hog
Get out of my shop
Don’t make me deck you with the broom and the mop
By all means you can eat in the street.”
And I’m like, why hog your food, seriously, why hog your food?

(Gets in a scuffle with kebab man’s feet, drunkenly slurs)
Seriously mate I... No, no, no! I mean, just let me, I'm no way, d'you know what I mean? I mean I just wanted... I can take it or leave it, believe! 

And I’m like, “Oi!”

You need to sort it out chap, put your broom back!

I ain’t vermin I just wanna eat my snack, that’s that.

Your munch looked sh*t anyway mate.

Just try and prove me wrong, try and prove me wrong!

And then I get kicked off the kerb by Stan Smith.

I tumble over and down, am I down and out?

I get back up, try to follow after,

but all his mates surround me like, “Oi oi oi oi


Leave it out hog

Get out of our flat

Don’t make us stamp you into a doormat

By all means you can sleep in the street."

And I’m like, why hog your room, seriously, why hog your room?

Then I’m like, honestly, what’s the point in that?

Might lay down for a lorry, I might as well be flat

(Starts to cry) Dark thoughts fill my head—(hiccups) oop, beg m'pardon.

But then something catches my eye in a front garden...

It’s a hedgehog gaff made just for me

Well la-di-dah, looks pretty swanky!

Some grub left inside, walls and roof to keep me warm

A dorm to transform, to keep me on top form.

I’ve come out on top, I’ve won the gold!

Game over, game over, I’m sold.


VO: You’re not the only one who needs feeding at 2am. Give food and shelter to a hedgehog this winter.

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