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The Language of Play


Fisher-Price created the 'Let’s Be Kids' platform to change parents' perception of the brand as dated and invite them to feel like kids again. Create a campaign to celebrate Fisher-Price’s 90th Birthday across EMEA markets, that sits within this platform.



From the grown ups to the tiny tots – no matter your age or the country you live in, everybody knows the language of play. Even if you can’t talk yet!​


Whether it’s a NYOOOM as you loop-de-loop the Little People plane, or a VROOOM as the Freddy Firetruck speeds towards its next rescue – you are speaking the language of play.​ ​Let’s show that Fisher-Price has been fluent in it for 90 years.

We created a hero film that was no talk and all sounds, communicating play in a way that everyone can understand (and making it perfect for working across markets too). Supporting assets included animated stills with dictionary-style definitions and translations, as well as a partnership with language-learning app Duolingo.



Animated stills:

Partnership with Duolingo:

Screenshot 2020-10-12 at 17.14.28 copy.p

Creative: Eveline Johnson, Puch Beyani

Creative Director: Chris Wall, Briony Chappell

Strategy: Justin Jackson, Benedita Leitao

Producer: Jess Cave

Account Director: Marin Daley-Hawkins

Account Manager: Mike Wong

Edit, Design & Animation: Cal Travis, Gareth Clarke

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