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Long Live Clothes


Fabric conditioner Comfort's new positioning is 'Long Live Clothes': a celebration of clothes and how they make us feel. Bring this to life with a Spotify campaign.



From ripped jeans and rock to denim jackets and country – clothes and music go hand in hand.


I took items of clothing associated with genres of music and wrote odes to them, showcasing a whole range of genres from the mainstream to the niche. Each script weaved in one of the product benefits: softness, brightness or freshness.


With Spotify, we were able to target the ads at people based on the genre or playlist that they were listening to – so the ad they received was tailored to their music taste.



My Workout T-shirtComfort
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My Festival Shorts

Targeting: Rock and indie rock genres, ‘festival anthems’ playlists

Product benefit: Brightness

Read by a woman in her 30s with a Leeds accent.


There’s a time each year…

When I shake off my work trousers (sound of a brush drumstick shivering across a snare)

Kick off the brogues (a bass drum kicks twice)

And bring out… (drum roll)

MY FESTIVAL SHORTS (thrash of guitar and the rest of a rock band joins in)


You know the kind

The back-of-the-rack vintage shop find

Denim, frayed, pockets exposed 

(And a bit too much leg – but it’s a festival, anything goes!)

And after all these years

All the spilt beers

Many falls in the mud

(Yep, always on my bum)

They’ve still got their flair. 

VO: Keep your festival shorts bright as the main stage lights with Comfort Intense fabric conditioner. Long live clothes.

My Lunging Leggings

Targeting: Workout playlists/albums, motivational tunes like ‘Eye of the Tiger’, 80s workout mixes

Product benefit: Softness

Read by an energetic woman in her 50s with a northern accent, who chants like an exercise class instructor. She sounds out of breath, as if dancing as she speaks.


They call me flexible, supple, springy.

I’m praised for my wide lunge.

When they ask me, ‘What’s your secret?’

I say it’s all in the leggings, hun!


I put the ‘power' in ‘power stance’.

My high kick’s the best in town.

And thanks to these endorphins

You’ll hardly ever see me frown.


Elastic is fantastic.

This crotch never gapes.

Tight in all the right places

Just like me, it keeps its shape!

VO: Keep your gym leggings bouncing back with Comfort Intense fabric conditioner.

Long live clothes.


My Sparkly Sequinned Number

Targeting: Drag Race lip sync playlists, disco, 80s pop, songs by artists who embrace drag culture like Lady Gaga and Cher

Product benefit: Brightness

Read by a real drag queen – a contestant from Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK.

First verses are spoken over a disco backing track (like the intro to ‘It’s Raining Men’), the last two verses are rapped.


Discovered the wardrobe when I was 16.

Swapped the black and grey uniform

For a sequinned dress of bright green.


So listen up everybody, this is a story

About how I went through the wardrobe

And said ‘buh-bye’ to boring.


Now I’m fiercer than the White Witch,

Now I’m the one riding the SLAY.

I’m the Drag Queen of Narnia – nice to meet you, enchanté!


G to the L to the A to the M. 

You’ll see me looking fabulous until the AM.

Then it’s time to close the wardrobe doors.

And wait to do it all again.

VO: Keep your drag bright as a strobe on a disco ball, with Comfort Intense fabric conditioner. Long live clothes.

My Old Britpop T-shirt

Targeting: Britpop

Product benefit: Freshness

Read by a man in his 40s with a Brummie accent, who shouts long, slightly rambling sentences against a backing track - in a similar style to Phil Daniels' verses on Blur’s Park Life.


I partied through the 90s

Back when I was fresh as a cracked can of lager

Always in my Union Jack T-shirt.


Don’t ask me to choose

Between London and Manchester –

I’m stuck in between.


After the gigs I’d fall asleep somewhere

Still wearing that same sweaty T-shirt.



My memory’s not so fresh these days (you could say it's a ‘blur’)

But I’ve got the T-shirt to prove I was there

And I keep that fresh all right.

VO: Keep your old T-shirts fresh as the Britpop scene, with Comfort Intense fabric conditioner.

Long live clothes.


My Post-Surf Shirt

Targeting: Surf music (The Surfaris, Dick Dale, The Beach Boys, The Trashmen, The Drums)

Product benefit: Freshness, softness

Read by a chilled out guy with a Californian accent. An upbeat guitar twangs in the background (think the Surfari’s ‘Wipe Out’.)


When the tide’s come in

And I’m done with the surf

I hang up my baggies.

And throw on my post-surf shirt.


It’s patterned and faded

Baggy and loose.

Like, what's the point in buttons?

Keep your mind and your shirt open, dude!


And when the shirt’s gone stiff

From the sand, sea and sun

I throw it in the washer

To catch some waves of its own!


VO: Keep your surfer shirts fresh as a California wave with Comfort Intense fabric conditioner. Long live clothes.

Creative/Copywriter: Eveline Johnson

Creative Directors: Angus George & Johnny Watters

Account Director: Mike Kerry

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