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British Airways

Bollywood Britain


We were briefed to inspire young Indians to visit the UK with BA, showing how travellers can experience the best of both Britain and India – on board and off.



Next to shopping, family and historic landmarks, people in India's top reason to visit the UK is because numerous Bollywood films are shot here.


My idea was to replicate three iconic scenes from much-loved Bollywood films shot in the UK – encouraging our audience to visit the set of their favourite films, while showing that their colourful, whirlwind experience starts the moment they step on board.


Our film went live in cinemas across India (which was pretty cool!), plus on TV and social. We also made supporting social assets in the style of classic Bollywood film posters.


Cinema, social, TV

BB Portrait A2.png
ba poster3.png
ba poster2.png

Social cut-downs:

Creative: Eveline Johnson, Smita Mistry

Creative Director: Chris Wall

Director: Andrew J Attah

Producers: George Arton, Jess Cave

Account Directors: Rebecca Turnball, Michael Fry

Account Manager: Kate Middleton

Design: Smita Mistry, Dane Neill

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